1. How do I make a booking at Colonels Retreat?

You can go to the reservations page of our website and fill in the details. We will get back to you within 12 hours at most times. In case you don’t hear from us in 24 hours please repeat the mail. Do I need to call and speak to someone to confirm a reservation? Not necessary at all to call. And time zones don’t help in planning a call at the correct times. Please as a first priority send us a mail and if it’s the day time for us you should have a response in a couple of hours. If it’s the night then it could take a maximum of 12 hours. You will always get a detailed and coherent answer to your queries if you send an email.

2. How do I get to Colonels Retreat- can you pick up from the Airport?

There are 3 options to get to our place. 1. We can send a Car from Colonels Retreat and the Driver will stand OUTSIDE EXIT NO 6 (International Flights) and Exit no 3 (Domestic Flights- Terminal 3) carrying a placard with your name on it. This will cost Rs 1400 and you will have to give us the flight nos etc. You will also have to reconfirm your reservation for a car pickup 48 hours before you travel. 2. You can take a pre-paid taxi from the Prepaid Taxi Counter as you exit the Customs hall. This will cost you Rs 500 approx but do please keep a copy of the detailed address – unlike other places Delhi Cab Drivers are mostly migrants and don’t know much about the city except for the most basic landmarks. Our landmarks are Opposite Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, Opposite Mool Chand Hospital 3. Between 5 am and 11 pm you can take the Airport Express Metro to New Delhi Railway station and then take another Metro Train to Lajpat Nagar on the Violet Line. We are only 300 metres from the Lajpat Nagar Train Station. This should cost about Rs 120 per person. You only need to be mentally prepared to take the Metro its quite easy actually.

3. Can you arrange Local Delhi Sightseeing?

Yes, we can arrange a local cab for you. Normally this can be done at short notice. If you want a cab to anywhere it can be arranged at short notice.

4. Can you arrange a trip to Agra/Jaipur?

We can arrange a car for you to visit Agra. Train Tickets need advance booking because train travel is so low priced there is always a clamour for tickets. So book well in advance preferably before you arrive in India. The best sites to book are –,, The Government Railway site tests your patience to the fullest. Waitlisted tickets do not mean you can get on the train.

5. Can you book us Tours for Rajasthan and other parts ofIndia?

We can put you in touch with travel agents who specialize in this and are both competent and competitive.

6. What can I do for meals when I am at Colonels Retreat?

The Defence Colony market is about 500 meters away and arguably the finest market for local food in all of India. There are 70 gourmet restaurants which exist only because they are good and not because they are part of any hotel. You can eat from a budget of $2 to $ 100. Visit the Activities page of our website for a list of eating joints. Swagat, Sagar, Moets, Flavors, Angels in my Kitchen, Aka Saka are some of the more popular restaurants and have been around for over 20 years. They must be doing something right!

7. My flight comes in late at night – will there be someone to let mein?

Sure- most flights tend to come in at night. As long as we know you are coming there won't be a problem. We will, however, do all your check-in formalities the next morning at breakfast.

8. I don’t see a Front Desk or a Concierge?

You won't see a front desk- as we are a Bed and Breakfast and by the law of the Government of Delhi, we are not allowed to have a front desk. This is to differentiate us from Hotels and Guest Houses. One of us is normally around to answer your questions and assist you in anything you may need. We will provide you with sensible, friendly advice and we hope you will not miss the services of a Concierge. We have lived here all our lives and know the city fairly well!

9. My flight comes in late and I don’t want to get up early for Breakfast. Till what time can I get Breakfast?

You have had a long flight and we understand that. We will serve you Breakfast whenever you wake up – even if its past Lunchtime!

10. Can you advise me on Delhi SightseeingPlaces?

Your room will have a list of places you must see with our recommendations.

11. I need to let my family/ friends/ office know I have arrived safely – is the Internet available?

We have Wi-Fi broadband and its free of charge (don’t you hate paying for Internet at some places – I certainly do ) The password is available in your room and you can use your laptop from your room or use the computer in one of the lounges. If for some reason your laptop doesn't work its because you probably have a firewall in place.

12. I am not feeling too well – do you have any medical facilities available?

We have access to a good doctor who will make house calls for a fee. We also have some very good pharmacies around and medicines are easily available at low prices. In additional we have Medanta – a clinic close by where you can consult with specialists through the week. Mool Chand Hospital –only 500 meters away is an excellent privately run hospital and caters to all Emergencies. There some very good Dentists around too – just in case you want to save a ton of money!

13. I need a local Cell phone – can you help?

It’s a great idea to have a phone whilst in India- the tariffs are low and it’s a tremendous help while you are touring the countryside Quick Electronics in Defence Colony market is an efficient supplier of SIM cards. Take your passport, a copy of your photograph and he will ensure you have a working phone connection within an hour. He has plenty of low-cost phones too. If you haven’t brought your phone with you – just buy one.