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Raise a Toast!
The bread we serve could well be called artisan bread – no mass-produced stuff for our guests. The baker delivers his fresh, soft loaves smelling of heaven every morning to Colonel’s Retreat. He uses no preservatives, so we never keep the bread for more than a day. Although the bakery has been in business for around 50 years, you can’t buy this bread in the market – the baker only delivers to a favoured few.

Spread the Happiness
The jars of gooseberry jam and orange peel marmalade you enjoy as a part of the breakfast spread are also home-made, using the freshest seasonal fruit and lots of tender loving care. No added colours, flavours or preservatives – this is nature’s bounty at its most delectable.

Banana Mania

Our banana bread has been described as our signature dish by our guests and often mentioned appreciatively in online reports. On the breakfast table or whenever a guest needs a snack – just add butter, get it warmed up in the microwave, take a bite and life takes on a great new meaning! Made fresh at the Colonel’s home, from a recipe no one else knows.