Travel Information: COVID-19 Update

Here's why Colonel's Retreat will be perfect for a post-COVID world

  • Each room individually air-conditioned, as against central air-conditioning. No contamination from other guests' breath.
  • All rooms have open windows.
  • Unlike a hotel, each floor is an apartment, so there is minimum contact with other guests.
  • You can avoid the elevator, just use the wide staircases. Physical distancing at work.
  • Only resident guests present in each property, no shops or other establishments. Minimum exposure to other people.
  • No carpeted floors, so keeping them clean and disinfected is easy.
  • No large public lobby or check-in space. You can go straight to your room if you have advance booking and minimize contact.
  • No buffets where they may be cross-contamination. A la carte breakfast and meals served on your individual floor.
  • Rigorous, scientific sanitizing protocols in place.